Fr Paul Newton on the Holy Rosary

Fr Paul Newton on the Holy Rosary

“The Holy Mass is the most powerful prayer for a Christian. It is there that we encounter Christ in a way like no other. So why bother with the Rosary?
The beautiful prayer of the Most Holy Rosary in no way competes with the Mass but it helps us prepare for it and give thanks for it. In short, we strive to come to Jesus assisted by the prayers and example of the Blessed Virgin Mary – the first and most faithful disciple of the Lord.
But you might find the daily Rosary a bit too much for your busy life. Well, first ask yourself this: Why are you so busy? What is really important? What helps us get to Heaven?
If the Rosary is new to you or you haven’t prayed it for a while then I would advise you to get gradually connected by saying that Hail Mary prayer morning and night, or a few times throughout the day. You might even commit yourself to reciting one decade of the Rosary each day. You might end up being amazed how possbile it is set aside 20 minutes a day. We do it for so many things of no consequence. Like anything of value it is worth the effort.
But remember, the goal is not simply to achieve a target of a certain amount of daily prayers – we want a loving relationship with Our Lady, the Mother of Christ and our Heavenly Mother too. God gave her to you to lead you to Him. Mediate on her holy life. Open your heart to her and beg her to help you to follow Jesus more and more faithfully.”

Fr Paul Newton


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