The Virgin Mary


For nearly twenty centuries, countless millions all over the World have invoked the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary to assist and accompany them through the trials and tribulations on their journey of spiritual growth. This very day people all around the World, and from all walks of life, are comforted by the knowledge that the Blessed Virgin Mary will be using her intercessory powers on their behalf, to enhance their prayers and strengthen their righteous petitions.

Virgin Mary Song and Video ClipThroughout the ages, the Heavenly Father has used many Saints as powerful instruments to enlighten his children in the prominent role the Virgin Mary can play in their spiritual enrichment. This is a gift of great love, which so many are unaware.


The principle aim of this website is to help you enhance your spiritual awareness and at the same time develop a greater intimacy with Our Lord Jesus Christ by presenting to you the two primary methods of Marian Prayer and Devotion. These are the Prayers of the Holy Rosary and the Consecration to Mary.

These beautifully profound methods are considered by the Church, the Saints, and countless previous generations, to be the two most perfect ways those of Faith can commit themselves to the service and love of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

You are now urged to join an ever growing family who share a quest for spiritual advancement and fulfillment, under the guidance and love of the ever Blessed Virgin Mary. Embraced by Her love and the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, this family strives to be as one with the will of the Holy Father on an eternal journey of faith, love and spiritual progression.

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” – Mathew 5:48

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Join The Quest

Will you serve Jesus by serving his mother? If your answer is yes, but your question is how, then this website is for you. It is a gateway that will show you how to join an ever growing family who share a quest of spiritual advancement and fulfillment under the guidance and love of Our Ever Blessed Lady The Virgin Mary and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Join us in in Pope Pius IX’s goal of a MILLION families praying the rosary. Follow the link below to register your family! Your registration will show up on our tally. Invite friends, other family members and members from your parish to join in also.

So many of the world’s most renowned Saints and Servants of God have campaigned for people to pray the Holy Rosary. We invite you to see why Blessed Pius IX, along with many other Saints, feel that your help is needed to pray the Holy Rosary…
We invite you to give the most honour to Jesus by honouring his mother in consecration to her. Read the testimonies of many holy witnesses who give honour to our Lady. Saints like St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, St. Bonaventure, St. Faustina, Saint Maximilian Kolbe and many more…
Help us to reach our goal of 1 million families praying the Rosary by anonymously registering your choice. Please click the link below to learn how.